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Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Here ya go......
Too funny. For one I usually shop at Albertsons around the corner but I at least take big cloth bags to hang on the handle bars!
I also park INSIDE!

You crack me up goat, I love your sense of humor ;-)

I have one too, and that is why pulling up a wagon and using it for shopping really makes me grin, especially with that Radio Flyer with the big wheels rOOt pointed out.
Nice find rOOt ;-}

I do have to do about 30' of sidewalk for my trip so whatever I pull needs to fit that, but otherwise I'm good.

What will really be fun is matching a wagon to my bike like I did my brand new Pathfinder and Chris Craft Boat some 27 years ago.

Ya, that's me years ago at Lake Powell for our honeymoon with my wife taking the pic.
Those were the days. Life was a Cabrera as it were my friends.

It was still great when our son came along too.
This is my son at about 2 and I on the same boat at Lake Havasu. 1991.

Please pardon the color and quality, I scanned in old warn 'Instamatic' pics just to get them.

Yes, that is the London Bridge in the background, and yes, that is the infamous Lake Havasu that we made 'Boys Only Lake Trips" to during spring break with a boat ;-}

Sadly that all had to go as the kid got older and economy got worse.

That doesn't mean I can't mod some wagon to look cool and match MY BIKE does it?
I think not hehehehe ;-}
Any idea's?
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