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Default First build in progress!

First build in progress...

Hey everybody. I had a couple days off work, so I got started building up my first very own little china girl. Now I'm waiting on a couple parts and a trip to the hardware/autoparts store. So far it's been pretty smooth, and I was too into it to keep stopping and taking pictures, but I did get some good 'before' pictures.*

And I forgot to do the most simple, basic, and easy thing before starting to work on your bike: wash it.

I keep having to get bits of gunk and dirt out of tiny little hard to reach places. *

Well, anyway, about the bike...

Originally, I wanted to use a cool vintage frame, but I couldn't find one that fit all my criteria and my budget, and there was a perfecty good 26" beach cruiser sitting in the garage with plenty of room in the frame for some Chinese 2-smokin action. With the engine kit in it's box on the floor, next to the bike, it wasn't long before I started fitting parts, and then there was no turning back...

I plan on building it up with mostly stock kit parts at first, and then upgrading graually from there.*

I'm lookin for a cool vintage motorcycle/dirtbike tank, something kinda long and thin, with larger capacity, too. Hate that ugly peanut...*

The engine went on pretty easily. I had to grind the mounts a little bit to fit the tubes, but not much. Carb, exhaust, tank, and CDI All went on with no problems.*

I flipped the bars, trimmed about *1.5 inches off 'em and mounted all the controls up.*

I've uncomfortably come to the conclusion that I'll have to accept the added risk and roll with only coaster brakes for the time being. Ideally I'd like to find a good deal on a mountain bike and take the dual discs/rims/gears and run a shiftkit. The frame has no brake bosses... Not totally sure what to do here... **

So... Everything is pretty much all good to go except the rear wheel... I'm dealing with the apparently typical sprocket/dustcap/brakearm/frame/fender/tire/chain clearance issue.
Trimming the fender is no big deal.*

Smaller tires, maybe eventually, cause theyre faster, but I've got the near-new 2.125 balloon whitewalls that came with the bike and they're pretty sweet.

The other idea I read about was to use washers to space the sprocket out farther. Dustcap clearance won't be as much of an issue, but the brake arm has to he bent farther as well. I've already destroyed one brake arm in the process. (The new one should be here soon...) Then the chain should clear the tire. The frame may have to be spaced out with washers also.

What I'm wondering/worrying about is if I offset the rear sprocket enough so that the chain clears the tire, will it be too far out of alignment with the drive sprocket? I read somewhere they shouldn't be more than one centimeter off. I haven't done any exact measuring but that's close to the sprocket clearance I need, so I don't know if it'll work. J may have to get the smaller tires and use the spacers.*

I hub adapter would eliminate dustcap/brake arm issued, but would still have the tire issue. I'm sure they're adjustable, but to what extent, I don't know.

I'm not looking to fab up offset motor mounts...

But once I get that issue sorted out she should be about ready to ride. Then I can start upgrading.

I plan on getting a bigger main jet, gutting the exhaust, and replacing the plug, boot, and wire, before firing it up for the firsttime.*

For the break-in I was thinking 24:1 for the first gallon or two? Then synthetic at something like 40: or 50:1?

I also really want to get a speedo wih an odo before I fire it up, to better keep track of the mileage.

I live in LA near griffih park, here's a ride this weekend, I wish I could go!! But I doubt my bike will be done. Maybe. Maybe I'll just go to the coffee shop to meet everybody. And then they can all take off and leave me in the dust to pedal my way home. Haha.

Anyway... I get paid soon, and more money means more bikeparts. So, i guess we'll see...

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