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Default Re: New 2 smoke I built from bottom up is running strong so far

Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d View Post
Thats one heck of a tensioner setup.

Does it work well ?
Solid as a rock....! I know it is a bit "Frankenstein-ish" but it is very sturdy and living in the country as I do and having to ride my bikes down 3+ miles of rough dirt road before I even see pavement I need things to be stout enough to take the abuse I put them through, I know many people like setting the bikes up without a tensioner at all and I agree that with a chain that has quit stretching that is maybe the way to go, but as for me I wont a good strong tensioner that will allow me to make adjustments as the chain and sprockets wear in over time, this tensioner is gonna be ther until I move it or take it off not much chance of failure based on the thickness of the material and the high grade bolts and nuts I used, and the skate board wheel i used as my roller is a very tough material that should last for a very long time as well, just a solid simple design that works, thats the way I like to do things.
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