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Hahaha I love it! A 'universal hitch'?

I can see going grocery shopping with a Red Radio Flyer wagon, parking inside the store entrance, and then unhooking the wagon to pull along to shop, check out, then hook it back up for the motorized bicycle ride home.

When I was younger I could see this too, motor to the course and then just pedal along on the course.

And of course just heading to a neighborhood party with your cooler on a hand truck!

For $20 I will have to look into it.
It is the actual trailer end bracket I want to see in detail to understand how it works.
The site has no detail of that business end.

(still snickering) As if I didn't draw enough attention to myself while shopping, using a Red Radio Flyer wagon as my shopping basket would be hilarious!

What can I say, I find shopping boring, that would sure liven it up I think ;-}
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