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Default Re: Jerks and jitters

The "jitter & Jerk" is perfectly normal at low RPM's on these engines, until the revs come up a little 2 smokes are pretty gutless but after the revs come up to the right point these little gals will start ginning nicely if the carb is jetted correctly and all else is right.

Another thing to remember is that the size sprocket you have on the rear wheel will have a lot to do with how fast you will have to be going under peddle power before the engine will pull the bike on up to speed smoothly, (Example) if you have a 36T rear spr. you will have to peddle the bike up 2-3 mph faster to get the same take off results as you will get at a 2-3 mph slower speed with a 44T spr. I have 3 bikes one with 36T one with 40T & one with 44T, I have to peddle the 36T bike faster and farther before it will move on out smoothly, another factor is that you only have 20 miles on that engine so you have not even started getting her loosened up yet, so just keep running her right and when you have 200-300 miles on-r you will be much more pleased with how the gal goes unless you have a system failure before then but lets hope not.....just keep ridin-er and she'll get better & better the more you do.....

Happy & Safe Ride-in
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