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Personally I have always had MTB/Racer type frames and have never had the joys of a walk-through or underbone type 'womens' bike. It has never given me any problems although I am tall (5'11") so it might for someone of maybe 5'

The rack mount doesnt seem to make the bike any less stable and if it does you learn to compensate. My biggest problem with this latest bike was more the frame and the sitting position more than anything else.. that and the coaster brake system which I hadnt even heard of before this bike..

I will say that since that this is a belt drive setup its more quiet and doesnt require grotty oil all over the place... the last thing a girl needs is her jeans being chain chewed - at which point you'd likely be heading ditchwards. I do like the frame mount but unless someone comes up with a belt drive then I will not even look at them...

I would just let your wife/other half have a look at bikes in a local store and then, when she has made a choice, make sure its power suitable - most will be...

Then get the relevant kit, fit it up and get ready for years of happy buzzing..

Jemma xx

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