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Default Re: Why I Started This Motor Bicycle Forum

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Quick question about trucking...
If someone wanted to get completed motorized bicycle from one point to another, do independents or even trucking companies take in something like a completed bike to toss on the truck for a reasonable price if it can dropped off to you and picked up when you get where it's going?
Is there a web site people can post what they want shipped where truckers look?

And welcome to the site.
I look forward to your Jackshaft build pics, I ride one myself ;-}
I have used in the past to get something from one place to another as an add on. The website sends requests out for bids and independent (usually) movers will contact you. I needed something moved from Oregon to Montana and instead of the $700 I was originally quoted, I got it for $150 or so. It seems to me that what some of these guys do is look for something small that can be added to an incomplete load near where they pick up and on the way or at the same place to which the are travedling. In my situation, he was picking up in Seattle and going to Minnesota, so he ran down to Portland, picked it up and broght it to me on his way.
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