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Default Hard Fall, feeling rough.

I wasn't sure if anybody would wonder where I've been for the past couple of weeks but, if any are interested, I have a story to tell.
I was in an accident which put me in the hospital. This is how it happened: I was riding to work, eastbound toward the morning sun, with a bright yellow shirt, headlight and taillight on, reflectors where needed. As I entered an intersection going straight, the oncoming driver of a large Ford truck made a left turn without waiting, and too sudden for me to react. I was broadsided on my left side.
I regained consciousness quite some distance from my bike, which was also some short distance from the point of impact. I can't precisely tell in feet or yards but I learned later that I tumbled a ways.
My shattered tibia and fibula have pins and a plate now. My kneecap was actually fixable. Slight crack in pelvis. Broken tailbone. Sprains, strains, contusions and lacerations. But the helmet did WORK! I saw it afterward. All that happened to it would have happened to my head. I cannot honestly say that it saved my life, but I don't want to think about what could have been. I still don't think a helmet law is necessary, but I will say that I would feel better knowing that my friends wore them.
And I find that motorbikes are indeed stealth vehicles. We are as close to invisible as anybody can get. The driver who hit me swore he never saw me coming, despite the broad daylight and lack of any visual obstructions. I don't think he was lying, I think he was just not looking. It seems unfair, but it doesn't matter how wrong the other driver may be if he has already hit you. I am allowing a good lawyer to open negotiations with his insurance company. I will have bills to cover.
I will ride again, after some rebuilding. But not in downtown. Too much chaos up there.
I've grown rather fond of all of you here. I say this much from the heart: if you don't yet wear a helmet, at least look at one and think about it, even if only for five minutes. And wear whatever other protection you can, it's good for you. And remember: those other drivers don't see us, and they won't really care until after they hit us. I lived, but others have died, even in my town, even recently. It's not all just fun and games out there. I would feel better knowing you were all doing what you can to stay alive. Peace.

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