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Default Re: Need Some Help!

Following the direction that came with the motor kit (same ones from the grubee web site).

Yes the spark-plug is in (it was already on when I got the kit so I never knew to take it off).

I already managed to get the chain on the motor using a little force and a flat head screw driver (very dumb idea but hey, it worked)

The stupid manual said to cut the rubber pieces -___- looks like I'm screwed. Very poorly done manual. Not at all helpful....

Coaster brake arm is off, thats where all my problems are now. Now I can't even put the wheel back together

Thank you so much for the help! I just gave up a minute ago, spend 4 hours trying to install this rear sprocket and it took me 3 hours just to get the motor mounted on! I have very little patience for these kind of things. I would of just taken it to a bike shop but none of them had any idea how to install motors and when I even brought up a motor they all said "this is a bicycle shop" so all hope is gone as far as an easy way out. I have 1 more day left to try and get this thing working. Guess I will be up all night.......

Something told me to just keep it as it is. Now a cant even get my wheels to move because I pretty much disassembled the entire rear wheel and I have no idea how to put it back together.

I hear a lot of people saying how easy these are to install.....what a joke.

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