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Default Need Some Help!

I bought a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 (60cc) motor kit for my Schwinn Delmar Cruiser. I am 100% new to bikes and bicycle motors (in fact the only reason I bought it was because my cars engine went out and i did not have the money to buy a new one/get a new car) so take it easy on my novice questions.

I got the motor mounted and all and I am trying to install the sprocket on the rear weel and I have no idea what to do. I cut the rubber pieces like directed and put the in the spoke. I got them in and put the 5 metal pieces and 9 bolts in.

The part I now see I am missing is putting on the other sprocket (the one that came with the kit). It says to "Secure with 9 bolts compressing the chain sprocket to the spokes" but I do not see how the **** I am suppose to do that. I have no idea how or where to put it on at and then the chain is kicking my ass! I got the side piece of the motor off to put the chain threw BUT when I try to "use the supplied spark-plug wrench to turn engine crankshaft sprocket to feed chain around it" my crankshaft does not move at all. I can't move it 1/4 inch in any direction so the chain is not even fully on.

I need some serious help before I get frustrated and decide to just throw this hunk of metal in the garbage.


Sorry if this is the wrong section, I am new and I do not want to read 50 sub-forums to find the right place to post a question....

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