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Default Newbie needing info on building a community bike

We need something for the disabled residents to be able to get to the store on. I need info on the type of motor to get and maybe some suggestions about where to purchase one. The funds will come from our petty cash so it can't be too expensive. I'm thinking of buying a regular trike and putting a motor on it for them to ride. I see some on eBay that go on the front tire, would that be best or should I do the "internal" setup?

Now on a personal note, like they say when you help someone you help yourself, as I've been checking into this I would like to build a 2 wheeler for myself; something faster and stylish. Any suggestions? I have more to spend but would like to keep it reasonable so any places types of motors to look for will be greatly appreciated. I see 80cc motors all over eBay, are these good?

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