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Default Re: Need advice...Great site lots of info...

I know the post is old, but just my experience with "third world" countries. Go with an inframe two stroke. I did some time in one and knew few mechanics, and one of the things they told me which I found quite ironic is that when someone out of country does the family a favor and sends them a car it sometimes does not turn out well, reason being is that new cars from the states have all sorts of computer controled crap, and the environmental stuff that makes repair very expensive, and in some cases next to impossible. The typical mechanic in one of those countries works on anything that you will pay him for, and he ussually will not have a high tech shop, I would say that most guys on this forum have a better tooled shop than a third world mechanic, but they are crazy when it comes to inventiveness, (Duct tape and a tuna can to fix a Sesna) So a two stroke in its simplicity and practicality would be awesome in one of those countries. not to mention that you would not have to worry about the bike end, as there is usually a ton of sturdy old school bikes in those countries. Just as an example of two vs four...My buddy has a friction drive 4 it has not run all summer, his carb has a small broken piece of plastic that renders it in operable not to mention he has yet to get the friction drive set properly to not chew through tires or rollers., I rebuilt my carb the other day sitting on a curb....
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