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Default Re: Sand And Weighting ?s

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm surprised, or maybe I missed it, but no one has mentioned tires to the OP. Knobby mountain bike tires might look cool but they'll give you a rougher ride than smooth tread road tires. Look for the smoothest tread design you can find for the smoothest ride.
Thanks I got that taken care of. As for the expanding foam that could dampen any resonant freaquencies but might now be dence enough. I realised some tubes are open to tohe tubes but as long as my filler material is on the bottom of the bike any extra weight will just lower its center of gra ity.

I am liking the idea of silicone only a few tubes just for the dampening factor. I ride my seat post all the way down so i chopped off most of the post it shouldn't Have a problem sticking, i'd never raise it anyways, thankks for the advice bruhs.
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