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Default Re: Officially In the thick of it..

LOL... Me Too!

It isn't going to get here until at least the first of September according to UPS.

I still kept looking for an antique engine to build around and.....
I just bought a Maytag motor and another similar motorized contraption that the seller told me was something to spin yarn... WRONG ! I have discovered it's actually something called a "Drag Saw". A forerunner to chain saws.

I had never even heard of such a saw and no one had ever seen one...BUT.... Thanks to Youtube (drag saw) this thing actually makes sense.

I wanted the antique engine to power a bike,but at the prices these things bring and considering it's 95% complete... I doubt I trash it for the engine.

It's pretty cool looking and while it may have been an improvement over a two man ain't a chainsaw substitute.. Go take a look on youtube at the way they work. Mine has an engine similar to a Maytag washing machine engine (only bigger) while most of those on youtube are much larger machines. It's interesting trivia.
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