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Default Re: Mag side engine seal.

Thanks for the tips guys. I ended up using a battery powered rattle gun and she came straight off. I was fortunate enough that the mag pulled straight off after i marked it to ensure it went on the same way. Seal wasnt completely seated it was out about
1-2mm. The socket and rubber mallet made light work of tapping it in all the way.
I used electrical contact cleaner to get rid of the small amount of metal debree around the housing and everything else within. And blew it out with high pressure air. Reassembled now I just gotta wait till i finish work to give it a ride. I have to ride 37km to and from work everyday so its fortunate I work in a plant with plenty of tools lying around. I took a look at the rear sprocket today and noticed that just about all the nuts had came loose. And 3 of the spokes were so loose they were bending. Ended up double nutting all the bolts so hopefully thats a problem a may have prevented for the future. Far out these motors can be hard on bikes. Atleast I know what to check after each ride now. Thanks again for all the help.
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