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Talking Speedo no not the swim suit

I found a nice looking mech. speedo from sold out of a cycle shop in AZ. It came with absolutely no instructions, not even a picture. It was pretty much self explanatory I hooked up the cable to the fitting marked L because I put the drive on the left fork leg. It ran backwards so I switched it to fitting marked R (go figure) and it works. Took it for a ride and I do like it. The bike is a pretty good runner 20 mph is very easy (the motor is not beating itself to death) I had it up to over 25 but as I have only ran maybe a tank of gas through it and didn't want to do a full tilt run yet. I do like the bike. I find it comfortable to ride. Clutch is still a bear & cold starting is (imhop) hard. I am running it a bit rich and will lean it out with my next gas can fill up. I am actually considering the build of another one. I would be going for the classic antique look and would probably do a full frame tear down. I think this motor is really OK I was naive in thinking this would be a turn key kit. On the next build I plan to work the motor a bit before just plunking it in and thinking it will be a go.

Jim C
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