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Default New grubee skyhawk owner

I really apreciate all of the great posts I have read on this forum. I love my 2010 kit I installed a couple of weeks ago. I did run into a problem yesterday that I can use some help with. burned through about 1 gallon of the richer recomended break in mixture. Engine has been running pretty good but seems to be running a little lean. Last night I removed the cyl out of the top of the carb and adjusted the needle 1 notch toward the rich side and it would not run at all. After pedaling a couple blocks I had oil dripping out the muffler and put the needle back to where it was and stuck my extra plug in and it still would not start. I forgot to turn the shut off valve off when making adjustments-could that have flooded the carb and filled the engine with fuel? Any suggestions for getting my bike running again? Really excited to be part of this forum and thanks in advance for any help.
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