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Default Re: Sand And Weighting ?s

Thanks for he concern boys, I believe the crank and so on are not open inside the frame having taken them off already. Busckshot in that amount could be quite costly i'm not limited to sand but i'd like to remove it down the road if it does me no good. A good hard pack should help, any materials youd sudggest besids buckshot but similar for cheap would be great i's most likely compact it with the vibration and intentionally to give the frame more rigidityjust at the bottom end where the motor mount(rear) is places it is not connected to the down tube until much higher up. If anything even a couple bottles of caulking could help and be lighter while dampening the vibrations. I have no guage of vibrations as of yet but I have a genral idea and id like something atleast in the seatpost for dampening. Sand just seemed good because of the removal factor I'm open to suddgestions, if anything it will also lower the center of gravity making it more stable, deffinately not planning to fill the frame just the seat post down tube. As the rear mount seems the most problematic. If the sand works I could always seal it with silicone or w.e. material I come up with cement? basically sand but wont leak into bearings, even if their not exposed also wont shift around while im riding. Starting the bike up would also rid the air bubbles hehe. Let me know if anyone has ideas thanks!
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