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Default Re: Officially In the thick of it..

LOL... I don't have it yet soooo the best I can do is the ebay auction picture. He sent me a pic of one exactly like it (in gold) he had (bad picture). The green one includes the front wheel as well as all the handlebar controls and lights and speedometer.

He emailed me today to confirm shipment and answered my question about the missing I suspected he was riding it and ran under the rear of a truck.... brake cable failed ! He got out without serious injury to his person,but the bike didn't (it probably didn't make him like the bike though).

The rear has disc brakes (not sure about the front) looks like the front wheel is spoked and much larger than the rear fat mini bike wheel in the fuzzy photo he sent.

I didn't get hurt on the price at any rate... shipping from NJ for 90# of scooter...that's a different story. He said it took him 3 hours to pack it...I don't doubt him,he's been very helpful with the entire transaction. It's nice to deal with good people.

I should have asked him to ship the damaged parts... I could use the triple tree as a starting point to construct new forks... That's why I bought all these welders in the shop .... to fix stuff. Perfect chance to practice with the new Tig toy.

The more I look at the frame though.....the less I'm taken with it for the style I want.... I'll wait until I see it in person to make any determination about re-working it instead of using another frame entirely.
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