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Default Re: Sand And Weighting ?s

Hey thanks goat your setups are sick. Ya i've been lurking the forums for a while just haven't signed up. I don't think an extra 5lb of sand in the seat post tube will hurt, the frame is all aluminum. I would like to run no tentioner if possible but if it wont clear the frame I'll fab one up since it seems to be a huge safety hazard. The bike looks pretty horrible at the moment no paint and all the good stuff, different coloured shocks haha. I don't think I'll even put anything between the motor mounts and frame, not worried about paint, just a cheap project. Something to rip around on until I get my car back, but man I love tinkering on these little two strokes. Plan to add the grubee pipe out of the shop the one it has no header pipe basically. I can buy a kit locally 150$ and the pipe for 50$. Got a fire extinguisher for gas can should hold plenty fo long rides. It's a small one ill drill out add a bung for a fuel line Haven't decided where to mount it will wait for my kit. In the mean time i'm putting a pocketbike engine on another frankenbike the engine is all modded flipped the jug over so the exhaust goes in the right direction and turned the piston around. I plan to keep the kit simple just a pipe, port and polish just match exhaust and intake ports maby bigger motor mount bolts. I hope the stock mounts are sufficient, I'll let everyone know the difference between the sand in the frame vs none since I have never heard of doing this. Just figured if it works on the handle bars might help a little on the scource of the vibrations, can always dump it out if it's just added weight, i'll keep you informed, any others tried anything along these lines? I definately will be adding a nice fat saddle with seat post shock. Thanks guys!
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