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Default Re: too much grease?

I just posted most everything you need to know about about adjusting the clutch, just look at Recent Topics.
In addition to that, before you start back all lever adjustments all the way off and rest the brass cable end on the clutch lever end so it has no cable slack and some tension on it.

After that you can use the flower nut to get it perfect and when you get some wear use the lever adjusters until have have to do it again, but with over 500 miles on mine I haven't had to as as I hold the brass cable stop with pliers and crank that set screw down hard with the proper sized Phillips screw driver.

If you snug the brass cable end up good and marl it with a felt pen, slide it out of the groove and slide it 1/8th to 1/14" farther up the cable, tweak it down hard as mentioned then push the clutch arm in by hand and put it back on you are set to flower nut adjust away ;-}
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