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Default Sand And Weighting ?s

Hey, not new to two strokes know 'em inside and out. However I have not installed a kit on a bicycle, I am however getting prepared. I have a Giant Iguana (older 90s?) regular sozed tubes 26" should fit fine, added front shock forks. My question is I know people fill their handlebars with sand or what have you, has anyone tried the same with your frames? I know it would make your bike heavier by a decent few lbs but would this help vibrations as I understand solid mounting is best not rubber. I realise you can't completely fill the frame but from the seatpost atleast as its a mounting point. One more question anyone tried wrapping a Dynamat (soundproofing for cars many forms just a brand name) product around their frame for vibraion it's not neccessarily that heavy or bad looking if done properly.
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