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Default Officially In the thick of it..

I couldn't resist the temptation and found a 2 stroke 49cc mini chopper on ebay that had the forks & handlebars missing for a super price. I bought it ! (I'm assuming the owner or his kid ran under/into something and trashed the springer forks or he sold them first) He seemed happy to dispose of it at almost any price.It has front wheel/lights/electric starter/pull starter/disc brakes...everything EXCEPT the forks/handlebars.

It's one of the 49cc fake V-twin engines and beyond that I won't know much until it's delivered. I want to replicate an old board track cycle so this engine should look pretty good no matter what I finally build.

Last year these mini choppers were all over the internet and when I went looking for repair parts (just in case) NADA-NOTHING.... it's like these mini-choppers never existed (well almost) Suits me except I like options in case I need them.

I figure I'll have everything I need to build a motor bike and then have parts left over to re-sell or build something else.... Should be in by next week and then I'll start figuring a frame design...might look into re-designing the existing frame into what I want. I may be able to restructure the rear to accept a larger wheel and may have to alter the rake in the neck.

Since I have to fit a new fork & handle bars anyway it might be simpler to just cut and fit a new rear section also and alter the neck so the rake isn't sooooo far out. That way all the mounts/controls/gas tank might already be in place instead of trying to swap all the parts to another frame.

Any thoughts about that method of re-building a mini-chopper into a board track bike?

I knew I should stay away from Ebay,but it was calling my name " It's too cheap you crazy sucker..Buy It !" LOL
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