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Default How often

I hoped on my china girl bike for a trip to the home depot today. It started terrible. Took several blocks to get the misfires out of it. So here is a question for those of you who put a lot of miles on these things.

How often do you need to change the plugs and fuel filters. I don't use mine more then five to ten miles maybe four times a week. I can't imagine the plug being bad in that short of a time, but it runs like it is misfiring when cold. Once it heats up it seems to do better. I guess it could be the fuel filters. I have had the one in the tank clog on me already.

If it was the one in the tank with trash it would actually make sense the vibration of the bike could clear the trash away temporarily i guess.

Anyway anybody got any suggestions as to how often the plug needs to be changed on a bike that is run sparingly.
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