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Hi all;

Well I'm hooked. This is more fun and exercise than a 61 year old should be allowed.

I have currently done 4 builds. My first was a 66cc Zoom HT that I installed on an old mountainbike.
It's still my favorite, and daily driver. I'm driving to work and back about 10-12 miles a day.
I've had two throttle handles fail, one clutch side drive gear bolt come loose and break my clutch cover.

Many small adjustment issues, but what fun!!

My second was a rack mount 2 stroke DAZ kit that I installed for my wife on a womens mountain bike.

My third was a rack mount HF auger motor on a friction drive. This was installed on 15 year old Diamond back mountain bike for my 23 year old son.

I also tried a Bumblebee bolt-on system, but Montana is too hilly for a light weight friction drive system.

I have a 4 stroke HS system with tranny I am planning for my next project.

I also have a HF 2.5 greyhound that will go either on a push trailer or some project bike.

I'm a little frustrated with golden eagle belt drive system, I like the belt concept, but they are not real easy to work with, unless you have an unlimited budget.
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