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Default Re: Shifter Kit from

So far three post launch discoveries:

1) We are changing a screw entry direction, not a big deal. The screws have a hair longer protrusion due to a spacer change - so the assembler can put the screws in the other direction or just cut/remove the extra screw length.

2) And rather than purely for 1 1/8" seat tubes, the kit will fit 1 1/4" seat tubes, out of the box or only the most minor material removal to two supplied clamps.

3) Due to popular demand and the amount of one piece cranks, we are exploring the 3 piece crank swap kit.

4) Oh yeah, #4 people are asking for other parts - studs, petcocks, spark plugs, and of course 4 stroke kits, etc. We are pedaling as fast as we can!!
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