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Default Re: Milwaukee, new convert

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Welcome to the forum!! You will find this site very helpful. If your running 20:1 mix, your a bit fat on the ratio, Most will suggest 32:1 after a few tanks of gas, Some swear synthetic, some use outboard 2 sycle, I like to run Amsoil Sabre synthetic, I run @ 50:1, works well for me. Some folks use the OPTI-2 @ 100:1. Choise is yours, but 20:1 is too much IMO. Looking forward to seeing your build.

MAc - thanks! - I've noticed that it's been staggering a bit and wanted to know why. Guess rich mix may be it. I'll lean up the mix a bit ( a tank at 40:1, tank at 60:1 etc.) and see where the bike likes to run. I use Homelite synthetic and it works, well, OK I guess.
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