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Default Re: Slipping Clutch

Mine are the squarish shaped ones...

One thought I had was that after removing the pucks, cleaning them and then reinserting them they may be different heights so not all of them would be touching the plate ie bedding them in...

I'll try and clean with Brake and Clutch clean and get back to you all to let you know what happens...

If not, I'll just replace the pucks...

BTW, I had a look at the OTHER motorized bicycle site for answers and have to say that this site stands head and shoulders above that one in the way it's ordered and run.

I'm a moderator on Swaylock's - Surfboard Marketplace, Surfboard Design, Surfboard Construction, Surfboard Manufacture, Surfboard Art, Surfboard History so I know a great site when I see one. Well done people, keep up the good work.....
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