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Default Re: stupid threaded rods

the washer on the carb drain screw with stock kits suck. i never got around to trying to replace it, instead i just switched over to spooky tooths race carb. the two petcocks prevent the leak very nicely. my only problem ( if you look at this way) is my bike is only happy when its going fast. one day i tried to just putter around 2-4mph on a trail and flooded the carb. oh well. the bike is too rigid for trails anyway. r00t4rd3d is right on, you should be able to find what ever you may need at your general hardware store. make sure your mount to the seat post is flush! you'll save your self hours of frustration. i used JB epoxy putty on the down tube mount to fill the gaps. some around here may argue the quality of this product but its workin for me so far. i've had a few wipeouts too and everything is still tight. enjoy your first build mbneophite
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