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Unhappy Re: Operation OP ( the first build in progress )

got my motor Monday . so far I have snapped one of the exhaust studs even with the head , and the screws holding the clutch case on are striped , looks like tap and die is in my future . { and better stainless steel } , can I tap the holes with the screws and studs still in them ? or is it best to drill first? 1/4 inch will work for the exhaust , 13 mm seems to be the size of the mounting studs on this motor , not sure about the clutch case screws, the sprocket felt that came with my kit was so warped and distorted It messed my wheel up trying to torque down to straiten it out , now my rim and spokes are trashed , .. good thing I collect bicycles people donít want . I put an mountain bike wheel on ... I will now need brakes ... as for the sprocket felt ,..... I dug my camping closed foam mat out of the shed and scribed and cut it for my sprocket sandwich . I think it will work very good .... and even better for what I need ,,, Iím too old to go camping any way LOL . Well I found out that a whole lot of people have snapped Exhaust studs and screws no matter where they bought the engines at ... Iím not giving up ! I see no need to post pics since most know what Iím enduring I may even get crafstman tap and die set at the flea market .. for 5 bucks
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