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Default Re: Thank you Bikeguy Joe!

Thanks guys.

I was here in the very early times, and I was into motorized bikes for a few years before that, when I had the opportunity to be a mod, I thought I would help out all I could since I have been toying with engines, especially two strokes for years and years.

As of late, I have not been much help, and in fact have caused a lot of problems here because I was trying to help with certain problematic issues, which are beyond my control, and hopefully will somehow be rectified before any more damage is done. All I will add to that is DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you buy parts, add ons, or "performance enhancing parts".

Think before you just throw money at your bike and try to use a little ingenuity to replace or enhance the parts of your bikes that you think are deficient, and don't just buy the latest gizmo because someone says it looks cool, you'll be glad you did. Not only will you be amazed at what you can do for yourself, but you will find that there is a certain pride that comes with building or modifying your own parts as opposed to giving a credit card number and waiting for something to (hopefully) arrive.

I'll check in once in awhile and maybe even begin to enjoy motorized bicycling again now that I don't have the B.S. and drama to deal with.

Sometimes being a mod is like beating your head against a brick wall, something I am not fond of. 99.9% of you all have made my (former) job as mod quite pleasant.

Now I am just a "regular guy" and that's alright by me.
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