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Default Re: 4 stroke frame suggestion

I forgot, you asked about tires. What came on the Panthers were 2.125 balloon tires. The frame might accept 3" fat franks, but the drive chain could be an issue with fatter tires than stock. I tried just sitting on and rolling both bikes before I changed the seat on the Worksman to one with a reversed 7 seat post, a 41 Elgin seat, and I found the frame felt better, more right on the Panther. I'm 6 ft. 200 pounds and the Panther is just right. I know I keep going on about it, but I can see more Panthers in my future. I don't know about the Worksman. I guess it also depends on whether or not "this is my bike" or if it is made to sell to someone else. If it is for you and you have the time and are willing to invest some money in it, which I guessing is the case or you wouldn't be using an EZM setup in the first place, then I think it makes sense to do it right. I want this Panther to be my daily rider, to make it up hills, to be a reliable "easy rider". Whatever frame you choose, I think it should be right for you.
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