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Default Milwaukee, new convert

I didn't get a kit, I just bought a fully built bike from custommotoredbicycles in Greendale.

I'm not sure but I think it has a "China Girl" or "Happy Time" -type of engine. It's a two-stroke with a 20:1 oil mix. I've read that people don't like them, I don't know why - it works for me. I'd like to hear from people about that. Should I get a different engine, or maybe watch out for something on this one?

I use it to commute to work most days (about 5 miles each way). It replaces a V8 Turbo 4x4 pickup that I used to drive. Interestingly, my commute is only 5 minutes longer!~ Most people, police included, just look at me like another bike. Or they stop and stare and ask questions. I average two gawkers per trip, so it comes out to a ratio of Gawker/Milage 2.5 to 1 !

My biggest challenges so far have been avoiding a bus, who wanted to wear the bike as a wheel spinner. (note to self, avoid drivers who drive high seat vehicles, they may not see well).

Second challenge is keeping everything bolted down tight. I check every couple of days.

Also, the plain touring seat was replaced by a nice springer seat, so my tuchus isn't numb when I get home. I've been debating getting a springer front fork too. And would like to hear people's experiences with that also.

So that's it, hello everyone! Happy Riding!

John H.
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