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Default Re: 4 stroke frame suggestion

Originally Posted by wmd239 View Post
Thanks for the feedback silverbear. I like your idea about the panther & once i started looking into them i found out how hard they are to find.

a few questions for ya; will that frame fit bigger size mountain bike tires? also what about high quality shocks, i heard the steering tube needs to be a bigger size?

also do u or anybody else use Grubee frames?
Don't know about the Grubee frames. Panther frames (Hornet and some DX use the same frame) do come up on Ebay. A whole bike can be expensive but just the frame isn't too bad. A modified Monarch springer front fork from Venice bikes is the ticket for the front end and new Wald fenders (bikeworldusa), new heavy duty wheels from Husky or Worksman and you've got a heck of a bike which will accept the EZM setup, something much like the old Whizzers in quality and power. If you want a custom in frame tank, sportscarpat makes them for both the Panther and for the Worksman. Goosenecks are just Wald anyway. Hope this helps.
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