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Originally Posted by midnight_rider View Post
Thanks,... I dont have a clue why he pulled me over, I was obeying the laws .. there was another officer that pulled up and i noticed he had 3 stripes and he liked the bike !! he wished me good luck and left... it's all on the officers in their cars discretion... like the paper stated I passed by and been passed by a number of cruisers and I was shocked when i heard 3 blips to pull over.
Does the tuned pipe make your bike louder? My guess is you happened apon a prick cop, and when he saw the pipe he had visions of you doing 80 km/h down a sidewalk and pulled you over. Once he sawthat you had a suspendid licence you were screwed. A prick wants nothing more than to kick aguy who is down.

$1000 fines care me..... I may have to curb my desire to ride arround on my motorbike
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