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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
We'll keep sluggin' away, Scotto and steer them in the right direction If only more folks understood the thread issues with their tanks and petcocks we wouldn't have so many complaints about fuel leaks. Wish us luck.
I agree too.
Have not had any issues with screwing on the Grubee tank petcocks with the red gas gasket and some Teflon tape other than they seldom line up pointing where i want.

Then again, I think this is yet another 'can't start and ride away on it' safety measure.
If the tank petcock s sideways or even facing back it is as least somewhat hidden.

You can see what I am talking about with that as well as fuel line with this pic.

The skinny tank petcock fitting needed screwed in past ideal for some, but great security wise.
I put the stock clear gas line on it first and cut off just after the fitting, and then just fit the larger diameter automotive gas line over it.

The other end fits tight on the carb, but as mentioned, the carb nipples can be different sizes!
Works for me, and no gas leaks.

ANY leaks to me are unacceptable, and really it is just not that hard to keep any drop of anything hitting the ground where it parked even if you don't shut off the gas flow or rode it really hard.

Again just me.
Take it or leave it.
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