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Default Re: Too Pooped to pedal no mo!I

Lol Muddy. If you're guys clutch isn't releasing enough(making harder to pedal), adjust your clutch freeplay tighter. Go for a ride with a pair of Needle-Nose, or a Vice-Grip. Crank it in until the clutch starts to run free enough when it is in the locked position. If your clutch starts to 'slip' when engaged then back it off a little bit until it bites good. Just remember the clutch pucks will wear down over time, so it does need periodical adjustment.

Also, get some good Lithium and/or Synthetic Grease, get an old glove(or a few pieces of saran wrap) and super-lube your chains up, it really helps. Though you might want to keep a rag handy to clean up the 'overspray' if you put on too much.

Oh, and like BikeGuyJoe said, exercise bike seats would work great. They are built for fatarse's so they should be plenty wide enough.

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