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Default Re: Hi all, from Wallaceburg Ontario

thanks man, yea the first two are 49's, the last one's an 80/66. The rear mount was having trouble with where the exhaust was mounted, and would keep breaking it off. The motor on my cruiser is off of that rear mount actually, because I got sick of fixing it. Plus the vibrations were **** on that seatpost mount(as you can imagine), it might be good for a chick, but it drove me nuts.

The motor rode freely on the rear suspension, keeping the chain the proper tension whether it was compressed or not. look closely where its mounted to the seat post, the motor "lifted" with the suspension on the rear mounts. it was just the exhaust messing everything up. I could've redone it, but I got ahold of a cheap cruiser frame($25) and went with that instead.

Yea I have a Dremel, but I don't plan on going too nuts with it, just clean the ports up, you know?

Thanks for the comments. Have a good one.
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