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Cool Introducing myself - Pairadice

Aloha! My handle is Pairadice and I am from the Islands. I love what you guy's(& ladies) are producing and I am just amazed at how far along the quality has come. My interest in motorized bicycles started in the early 60's( I was 6 years old) when I saw a Whizzer, or what appeared to be one. That was it! I had to have a motorized bicycle of some sort one day, and finally that day has come! The first one that I would like to get would be a Board Track Racer with the Worksman Drop Loop Frame BTR. Sorry, I do not know any of you yet and what each of you produces, but, can somebody contact me with a phone number that I will be able speak to whoever is producing the stretched Worksman frame that looks like the Indian motocycle. I believe that the asking price for this completed roller(painted with everything working) was around $900.00 or so. I have also seen pricing for complete, ready to ride motorized(2 stroke) units for around $1,800.00 Is it CrazyHorse that is showing the Indian, Cyclone, Harley Davidson, and the Henderson on that BTR forum? I see that name quite often and figured that that person is very involved with this industry. I prefer to buy my first Motorized Bicycle complete, so I can enjoy it while I work on building my next one! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself in your forum. Aloha & Mahalo!
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