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Default Re: 4 stroke frame suggestion

Two photo below. One is of a Worksman with a 2 stroke motor. There was barely enough room to fit it in there and I had to use an offset intake manifold. No way will the EZM motor fit without modifying the frame. If you wish to go that route, PM Tinsmith as that is what he is doing and is installing an EZM kit. The other photo is of a Schwinn straight bar frame (50 Panther) with heavy duty wheels. Look at how much more room there is. I'm doing that build next with the EZM tranny and probably a HS engine. I know it will fit without frame modification. I personally would pay more for a Scwinn straight bar frame than I would for a Worksman NB and I think it is made just as well if not better than the Worksman. I like my Worksman, but man it was a lot of work. The Panther will be plug and play.
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