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Default Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

Wow. What happened to this thread?

I motorized this exact same model for my mother-in-law. Had to use the u-bolt adapter for the front tube mount and had to raise the back mount with another block.

Seems like a good frame to motorize, but it killed me to have to cut and fold part of the rear fender (to accommodate the chain) and have the creme colored paint crack and break off. It's an ideal frame for not using a tensioner and seems like a strong enough frame to handle the added pressure, though. My brother-in-law weighs 300 and he had it going about 22MPH with the ZB 66/80 slant-head, stock 44t rear sprocket.

Only other thing I didn't much like about it is the lack of gears and the engine makes it difficult to pedal to the extent that she'll probably get it started and have to use the engine all of the time.
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