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Default Re: Lost 2 races today

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Best one was a roadie that I passed and next thing I know he's right next to me pumping his heart out to keep pace. I signaled him our speed since he didn't have a speedo. He did pretty good until we came to a hill. lol
You are so right about the hills. That's where a motored bike has its biggest advantage.

Last week I was gave a good friend a demo of my motored bike while he rode his pedal bike. On the flats we rode side-by-side at about 18-20 mph. That required very little throttle since on the flat I can go 32 mph at full throttle.

But for hills, I dropped back to give him a head start and then went up at full throttle. I would fly by him at about 25 mph while he was going about 6-8 mph. At the top I would stop and look back. I couldn't believe how far back he always was! It felt like he was taking forever to climb the hill!

At the end, he said that if I ever wanted to ride together again to give him a call, but don't bring the motored bike!
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