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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

ok i have an idea! : D

have you guys notice that some motor kits come with a regular BMX chain?
i have met some guys that have them and they DON'T have any problems!

well i was thinking why not user that system? cause of the thickness of chain. (easier to work with)

1) we would need a BMX style chain DRIVE SPROCKET

2) we need a 3 speed (BMX style) sprocket, something like this
but you guys know, 3 sprockets together to mount on the spokes. Jim has a prototype

3) we would need a modified LEFT SIDE derailleur

4) well the chain would be the last thing. Heavy Duty BMX CHAIN

Would the chain hold the massive 2hp?
i think lots of members are running BMX chains (originally on there kit)

would the 3 sprockets together be to wide? (where it would cause the chain to hit the frame)
WAY less likely than the 415 chain would ever be. (we can even go down to a bicycle speed chain which is even less wide)

Is that LEFT derailleur on the picture available?
no i just flip the image, hopefully some of the guys in his forum can make one like that.

well that's what i was thinking... am i just dreaming? haha

or can this be one of our options. What do you guys say?

COMMENTS PLEASE! good and bad or even improvements!

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