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Default Re: Air filter mount???

It's what I have on my CNS, dude.

See here:

I'm sure you'd have to plug the screw holes if you used it on the standard carb and the lack of a deep flange may cause difficulty in tightening the clamp on it.

If you're unwilling to risk it, keep looking and I'm sure you can find one that has the 2 screws through it, like the standard carb... I'm pretty sure this one could easily be made to work, though. You could even fabricate a flange off of 2 bolt holes or standoffs, rather easily. Just takes a little ingenuity.

I'm very happy with performance and sound, but I think some of the charge kicks back out the filter as the piston is going up and it's leaving some gas/oil mix on the seat tube. Could be the carb not being level and gas/oil draining out the overflow tube on the bottom of the carb, too...
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