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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post

If That Flipped Over 3 Speed Internal Hub That Was Posted About Would Work On The Left With A Large Sprocket Of Proper Size Bolted To It. Then Thread The Brake Arm Side For A Rh Freewheel Sprocket For Pedal Side.

Hope Someone Can Post Pic`s Of The 3 Speed Hub Flipped For Left Side Drive.
It Seems To Good To Be True.

Is A Anchored Brake Arm Needed For The Internal Shifting??

Oh, Now I Remember A Thought I Had The Other Day. With the 3 speed flipped over, Mount A Pedal Sprocket Solidly To The Rear Hub And Use A Free On The Pedal Crank.

Just Some Thoughts.

Jim = Mm Has A Big Challenge On His Hands. Hoping He An Get It Done.

Nah...A simple 3 sprocket shifter on the drive side is no problem...a mirror image, (functionally), of a 3-speed internal hub...BIG PROBLEM!
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