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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

I have compared J shaft to straight drive. J shaft robs power. Take an air ratchet put a long extension on it , and what do you have? Put a cheap Harbor Freight impact socket straight off the air gun with a stubborn fastener. Put an old school Snap On socket on the same air gun it will get a move on.

While I have too J shaft bikes, because I love the gears. I beyond a shadow of a doubt I compromised power doing it.

I peddled way more in my life time than MB. A good stiff frame transferred the power more directly to the pavement. The bikes I had that swayed more under the cranks were slower bikes.

While gears are awesome direct transfer to the pavement wins hands down. My buddies with direct drive have quicker bikes. Why is that? This could be compared to stock China motors all day long.
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