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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I know this topic is like 17 pages long now and this is a quote from like page 15 or something but I do have to chime in on the goats comment on Jackshafts...

No offense buddy, but the only loss of power to wheel I loose with J 3-speed hub shifter is my little stock 48cc motor trying to pull me sitting up in 3rd, but it will do me near 30MPH on a constant basis.
An expansion chamber tuned for speed would fix that too I imagine.

But my point is the same as it was in my post on like page 2 of this topic...

For the life of me I just can't understand wanting to gear a second drive train.
Don't tell me 'keeping the stock look' as an answer either, you are adding a motor and a second drive train!

Come on, please go back to basic math and logic.
I simply can not see any logic in either cost or logic to try to 'improve' an otherwise unwanted second drive train at all when you can simply use one with a Jackshaft!

Again I am sorry if I have offended anyone in this multi-page topic, and hey, best of luck, but I just can't see the logic especially when you start talking about adjustable tensioners on both sides!

I say if you have a vintage bike, put a 3-speed hub shifter and Jackshaft on it.
One chain, 3 gears, and about as stock looking as you can get with a motor.
I don't recall people talking about wanting 'that stock look' as a motivating force. You keep talking about cost when I don't see how you can compare a known with an unknown. So what is the cost of a jack shaft and three speed hub? That can be looked up and it isn't cheap. What is the cost of this proposed gear stack and shifter that hasn't even been worked out yet? No one knows. So how can you compare? You keep talking about logic, but this makes no sense. Saying something is logical doesn't make it so. And who is talking about adjustable tensioners on both sides. Both sides of what? The whole premise was to make a low cost shifter without having to buy a new wheel and internally geared hub along with a jackshaft kit. Would it be as good? I don't know. I know the SBP kit is awfully nice, also for a one speed cruiser is not cheap. Many of us just can't afford it. If your pockets are deep enough I think what you are suggesting is a real good way to go. Then there's the rest of us.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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