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Default Re: These Happy Time engines arn't too bad!

Welcome,Mr,Warrior.Can I call you Road?
The first 10 motorized bikes I built had Zoombicycle engines on them.

I thought the same thing when I first opened the box!What a pile of JUNK!
But they are what they are.How can any one expect any thing better for $120.

The first Harleys had tomato cans for carbs.Look at them now!
With these kits we are at the developement stages of the industry.

Two years ago I didn't even know that there was motorized kits out there.
I have built 20 motorized bikes this year and counting.

That's a nice looking ride you've built there.
When I ride past the cops I just smile and wave"They like that"
If you or any one else that reads this thread would like to see some of the bikes I've built
e-mail me and I will be happy to send you some pics.
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