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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

With respect to the origional concept, if the parameters are 1. bolt on (i.e. no replacing hubs) 2. retain left hand drive. 3. shift on the fly is nice but NOT a requirement. 4. inexpensive and easy to install without special tools...well then, stacked gears would be the way to go, I rekon, but even then wouldn't you need to either spread out the rear tire mounts or get a narrower hub to make room for the new stack?....that S tensioner seems like a dandy idea, you'd need to mount that fairly far forward so you wouldn't have issues with chain alignment, right?

I am really enjoying this thread and am on pins and needles to see if someone can get the origional concept to work. Great to see a comunity like this working on an engineering problem collectively

AND sorry if this get's away from the origional concept but I origionally started following this thread because I liked the idea of a CVT (like the comet TAV 2) on a 2 stroke and was looking for some why don't I just ask...if spending the cash for it and doing a little "customization" wasn't a big issue, why couldn't I put on a torque-a-verter on a 2 stroke, looks like plenty of folks are doing that on 4 strokes, why not a china girl?
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