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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
As for fuel line, I'm not sure how you guys are getting 3/16" I.D tubing to fit over the petcock/carburetor barbed nipples.
I thought I took a pic of two Grubee carbs side by side but can't find it. One had SPEED on the throttle body, the other didn't. Not only were the jets different, the fuel line inputs were different sizes.
The Speed carb was the same size as the tank petcock, the other however was much larger.

I opt for the heavy duty larger diameter auto gas line and if it is too big I find just slipping the clear plastic gas line on, cut it off level with the fitting, then put the fatter gas line over it works fine.

One side note...
Regardless of what size black automotive gas line you use, a little spray from the old original pump style ArmourAll on in will help it last a lot longer.

Also note that auto and hardware stores sell all kinds of black tubing like windshield wiper fluid and vacuum line. Gas will eat right threw those hoses. Make sure it is real gasoline line!
Expect to to pay 80 cents to a buck a foot for it too. If it is 25 cent/ft hose, it is not gasoline hose.

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